Destination Nene Valley is a partnership project aimed at increasing the profile and offer of the Nene Valley to enhance its economic potential and increase the cultural, social and environmental offer of the area.

We work with lots of different partners along the valley and we are a partner in the Nenescape Landscape Partnership Scheme which is supported by Heritage Lottery and aims to reveal the hidden stories of the Nene Valley by promoting, protecting and preserving the River Nene and its heritage.

Nenescape Landscape Partnership

This National Lottery Heritage funded collaborative project brings together partners from along the River Nene between Northampton and Peterborough to celebrate, protect and conserve the natural and built heritage of the landscape. The River Nene Regional Park is leading the project in partnership with a wide range of organisations. Find out more about the National Lottery Heritage Fund and landscape partnership schemes here. Download a summary of the project to date here

Click on the images below to find out more about the projects we're delivering in partnership with a range of organisations along the Nene Valley. The three themes include Listen to the PastExplore the Now and Secure the Future. 

You can also find out more information about some of our key projects which include the Nene Valley Festival, Enabling Access from Waterway to Land and Nenespiration.

Listen to the past

Through a series of activities, interpretation and community engagement, this theme looks to reveal hidden stories and share them on wider platforms.

Explore the now

By encouraging exploration and increasing knowledge of the natural and built heritage, this theme aims to promote the Nene Valley as a visitor destination.

Secure the future

In order to provide a sustainable future for the health of the river, its wildlife and its stories, it is important to provide the right tools for new generations to continue to identify with and invest in their heritage. Find out more here.

Nene Valley Festival

The Nene Valley Festival takes place each September and aims to promote the Nene Valley as a destination to local, national and international audiences. Our next festival will take place from 11-19 September 2021.

Enabling Access from Waterway to Land

The Environment Agency, in partnership with Nenescape, commissioned a Waterspace Study, which will be used to prioritise access improvements to and from the River Nene. 


Nenespiration will explore people’s aspirations for the Nene Valley over the next 20 years. The results of this project will form part of the 900 voices of the Nene collection, and add another dimension to the online archive. View a teaser of Nenespiration here!