Anyone for tennis this Wimbledon fortnight?

If the arrival of the Wimbledon Tennis Championships each summer has you glued to the TV, promising yourself that this will be the year that you pick up a tennis racket again, 2021 could be the year that you finally do it!

The good news is that there are plenty of tennis courts throughout the Nene Valley, with lots of options for simply finding a court, booking, and taking your friends along for a game.

The Lawn Tennis Association, better known as LTA (the organisation behind Wimbledon), runs a nationwide booking website for public tennis courts. LTA Rally (see offers an easy way to find, book, access and pay for tennis courts online. You don’t need to commit to any kind of membership – you simply book online, turn up and play.

A good way to start, especially if you have never played tennis, or if you haven’t played tennis since school, is to pair up with a mate who knows what they’re doing (and can loan you a racket). If the tennis bug is really biting, some lessons from a qualified coach are the way forward. LTA have an online search facility which will help you to find a local tennis coach, as well as your nearest tennis club.

LTA Rally also allows you to search and book group lessons. It will also help you discover free events such as Big Tennis Weekends, club open days or Tennis for Free at participating venues.

If you have played tennis before but now have no-one to play against, or just want to join with a fun social bunch of players, then use LTA Rally to search for your local tennis leagues. Leagues run regularly and players are matched by ability.

Tennis by the River Nene

Becket’s Park, a traditional park beside the River Nene on Bedford Road in Northampton, has four all-weather tennis courts available to book and play via a scheme operated by Premier Tennis in partnership with Parks Tennis. You can simply grab your friends and get out there for some fresh air and fun on the tennis court! A community tennis coaching programme is also available here. Find out more at

So, what are you waiting for – book a tennis court today!