Celebration Leaves arrive at Nene Park

copper celebration leaves

The Fundraising Team at Nene Park Trust are excited to announce a new initiative for our visitors – Celebration Leaves; a way of holding onto a memory in the Park and sharing it with others, while also helping to support the work of the Trust.

Celebration leaves are copper leaves, beautifully hand-crafted by local artist Jeni Cairns; each one unique. The leaves can be engraved with a personal message of your choice, whether a name, significant date or a favourite quote, and will be attached to oak sculptures in our Wildlife Garden next to the Visitor Centre.

The Oak sculptures have been created with wood taken from Bluebell Wood at Ferry Meadows and crafted into three stunning sculptures by Alistair Thompson of Quercus Woodcraft.

Whilst being a special way to capture memories made over the years and sharing them with others, it is also a way to support the Trust with a donation. The money received from this scheme will go straight back to the Trust and play a huge part in supporting our continued environmental work, conservation, opportunities for education, leisure activities and protecting Peterborough’s heritage.

Lucy Thornton-Reid, Fundraising Officer for Nene Park Trust said, “We are very excited about this beautiful edition to Ferry Meadows, which will give visitors a chance to share parts of the Park special to them whilst also being able to support the Trust and continue the work we do with a donation. This year has been a particularly difficult time and we hope visitors will take joy in reading the messages and share in celebrating how special Nene Park is to so many”

The leaves cost £250 to be displayed for 5 years or £500 to be displayed for 10 years, after which time you will be given your leaf to keep. Leaves can be purchased by either picking up a form from the Visitor Centre in Ferry Meadows, downloading it from the website or by emailing the fundraising team: fundraising@neneparktrust.org.uk.