Free Webinars for Nene Valley Businesses

Here at So Very Creative we’ve been lucky enough to be a part of the Destination Nene Valley programme for a number of years now. Over that time, we’ve been fortunate enough to be asked to contribute to a number of projects – from signage and website work, to delivering training sessions and podcasts – its been quite a varied few years! 

Right now though – we understand that a lot of businesses across the Nene Valley are facing a great deal of uncertainty with the current situation, and hundreds of businesses across the region are reacting to find new ways of working, new ways of reaching customers and ultimately new ways to keep the business running during these unprecedented times.

We also understand though that this isn’t the easiest task for everyone – especially when you are trying to run a business, so with that in mind, we are very excited to announce; a new series of free webinars taking place once a week for the next couple of months for businesses across the region.

The series will cover a range of different topics – from equipping your team with new tools and systems to help them stay productive and in touch while home working, to getting the most out of social media and making the most of your website online.

The sessions are completely free for businesses across the Nene Valley in any sector, and will take place from 12-12:30pm each Friday via Zoom. If you can’t make a particular session – don’t worry! All of the sessions will be recorded and added to the website for people to make use of at a later date!

Details of Webinar Series:

April 17th – Webinar 1: A Whole New World (12.00-12.30)

A look at a number of collaborative and communication tools to help businesses to stay in touch, stay organised and keep projects moving along in the wake of employees switching to home working

April 24th Webinar 2:Intro to Digital Marketing Part 1 (12.00-12.30)

May 1st Webinar 3: Intro to Digital Marketing Part 2 (12.00-12.30)

General look at online marketing in 2020 – a look at some of the prevailing trends and market conditions as well as some pointers on getting started for businesses needing to try and adapt to an online model.

May 8th Webinar 4: Q&A / Ask me anything (12.00-12.30)

Drop in interactive Q&A session – tweet us your questions using the hashtag #DNVTechSupport

May 15th Webinar 5: Additions to your Digital Marketing Toolkit Part 1 (12.00-12.30)

May 22nd Webinar 6: Additions to your Digital Marketing Toolkit Part 2 (12.00-12.30)

Look at some great tools and apps to utilise to help businesses make the most of their social media and digital marketing activity as well as tools and tips to enhance the usefulness and importance of their website.

May 29th Webinar 7: Predictions and Actions for 2020 Part 1 (12.00-12.30)

June 5th Webinar 8: Predictions and Actions for 2020 Part 2 (12.00-12.30)

While the first installments in this series of webinars are designed for businesses looking to begin or refocus their online activity, our final session is designed to be a more advanced look at some predictions for digital marketing through the rest of 2020 as well as a look at some more advanced techniques and systems for turbo charging digital marketing activity.

To sign up for any of these sessions – please drop a note to Nene Valley project lead Karen Williams via with details of which sessions you would like to join.

In the meantime – we will look forward to hopefully helping a number of new Nene Valley businesses when our first webinar kicks off this Friday – April 17th.