New plan unveiled to promote the Nene Valley

The Destination Nene Valley project has launched a new Destination Management Plan (DMP) to set out the key objectives for tourism development and marketing across the Nene Valley for the next 6 years until 2025.

The plan is the latest phase in the Destination Nene Valley project, which works with different partners across the heritage, tourism and cultural sector to enhance and promote the Nene Valley.

Figures from 2016 show that there were 2.4 million visits to the Nene Valley and it is anticipated that the DMP will help to further develop tourism in the Nene Valley, recognising it as a destination of choice for people and wildlife alike. The new plan has been agreed by key stakeholders and members of the Destination Nene Valley project board and will shape the management of the Valley over the next 6 years across several key areas.

The key areas the DMP looks at are:

  • Creating an enterprising approach to rural economy
  • Improve access to the Nene Valley
  • Attracting visitors and spend from local, national and international markets
  • Encourage local communities to lead healthier outdoor lifestyles and promote green lifestyle

Andrew Langley, Chairman of Destination Nene Valley said:

“I am a passionate advocate of our great county and, the Nene Valley, one of its most outstanding natural assets. The Valley is full of hidden gems and we look forward to continuing to work with our partners to enhance the Nene Valley for future generations to enjoy through this new Destination Management Plan.”

Sarah Peacock, East Northamptonshire Council Councillor and board member for the Destination Nene Valley project added:

“This new plan will ensure that the Nene Valley becomes a destination of choice for world class wildlife, as well as for visitors from across the county and further afield.

The Destination Nene Valley team have been working hard with partner organisations, including local councils, Nenescape and the Environment Agency and we are so pleased with the final plan and its vision for the future of the Nene Valley.”

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