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Enjoy the beautiful countryside of the Nene Valley at a leisurely pace

Photograph by Daniel Hauck
The River Nene is an important regional navigation, rising at sources near Bradby, Naseby and Yelvertoft, and becomes navigable at Northampton where these tributaries combine. Photograph by Neil Cartwright.
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Explore all the visitor mooring points, water points, pump-out and elsan facilities along the River Nene. Includes an interactive map. Photograph by Tony Martin.
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The Environment Agency manages a significant proportion of the region’s rivers network, known as the Anglian Waterways stretching from Bedford to the Humber Estuary. Photograph by Graham Hanson.
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Along the rivers there are a number of locks which require a lock key to operate. Photograph by Debra Martin.
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Find out about the facilities provided by the Environment Agency (EA) for the use of boaters on the River Nene as well as other facilities on offer. Photograph by Neil Cartwright.
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All vessels kept, used or let for hire on Anglian Waterways must be registered with the Environment Agency (EA) or with the Canal & River Trust (CRT) on a Gold Licence. Photograph by Judi Alston.
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Find out about major and exciting waterway development projects which the Environment Agency are supporting. Photograph by Dave Phillips.
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A range of downloadable guides giving more site information for different places along the River Nene Photograph by Mandy Wright.
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