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Nene Valley Star!

We are launching our search for our next Nene Valley star!

We want to recognise the dedication and passion of those working in the tourism industry with an award to an individual who goes above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that our residents and visitors have a great experience in the Nene Valley.

Our star could include:

  • A volunteer who is working with a charity to deliver local walks for visitors.
  • A member of staff who works in a Nene Valley attraction and provides excellent customer services to visitors.
  • A member of staff in a tourism business that has perhaps gone above and beyond with volunteering during the coronavirus pandemic.
  • A volunteer who is passionate about delivering activities for families.

Get your nominations in and help us find our next Nene Valley Star!

Please include your name and contact details - optional
Please let us know who you think should be our next Nene Valley Star for 2021 and why?

Please complete our quick form and let us know who you think should be our Nene Valley Star for 2021!

Find out more about our 2020 finalists and worthy winner, Hillary Merricks, for her contribution as a volunteer for the ancestral garden at Stanwick Lakes!