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Nene Valley is home to wonderful wildlife and nature. Come and enjoy our many nature reserves and parks.

Photograph by Dave Phillips
Venture into the countryside to see some of the Nene Valleys wonderful wildlife. To help us protect wildlife keep your dogs on a lead. Photograph by Daniel Hauck
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The Nene Valley has a rich and diverse environment from wildflower meadows through to nature reserves and country parks. Photograph by Dave Phillips
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Get a glimpse of our fantastic wildlife and enjoy the fresh air at one of the many nature reserves and country parks. Please ensure you help to safeguard our wildlife by keeping dogs on leads and staying on official paths. Photograph by Gary Solomon
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Uncover spectacular flowers and plants that inhabit the Nene Valley. Photograph by Emma Buxton
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The Nene Valley is a brilliant place to enjoy the great outdoors, but it’s also vital for wildlife and the thousands of protected birds that spend their winters here. Because of this, specific gravel pits in the valley have been designated a Special Protected Area (SPA).
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