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Spotlight On Inbound And Domestic Insights

Wondering what the latest data and trends show us about tourism in England/to the UK in the months ahead? Keen to find out how this might impact your business? Join us as we discuss our latest data dashboards and consumer sentiment.

Speaking To Customers In A Post-Covid World

With experts reiterating that “tourism will recover but it will never be the same again”, we look at the stages of recovery identified by VisitBritain/VisitEngland, at the approach adopted by other destinations and discuss how we, as an industry, can speak to customers to build confidence and recovery.

Using Travel Technology To Maximise Your Business

Providing an overview of some of the technology solutions available, and how they can facilitate business recovery, this session aims to give an insight into the some of the options available and how they can help get businesses back on track.


Sustainability and over-tourism were hot topics before the Coronavirus pandemic. And then tourism stopped. We look at some of the challenges we face as an industry and ask whether this is our opportunity to reset the dial with regards to the environmental impact that tourism has in England – and what steps we can take for a more sustainable future ... Read More


With accessibility a factor for at least 1 in 5 visitors, and with Coronavirus presenting a range of new accessibility challenges, we look at what considerations need to be taken into account moving forward, with practical steps, real examples and advice as to where you can go for guidance.

Creating Great Presentations – with Buffalo 7

Join us to explore the art of the possible, for Powerpoint - from exploring the art of storytelling, to presenting data in a compelling way. We look at tips and ideas for creating engaging presentations, with Buffalo 7, an award-winning presentation design agency.